1. Good Company: The 4th of July is a time to celebrate with friends and family. Gather some great people together and enjoy the time you have together (which means put down the cell phone!)

2. Great Food: What is 4th of July without a BBQ? Grill up some juicy cheeseburgers, pile up the potato salad and enjoy some sweet chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert!! Mouth watering yet??..

3. Do Something: The city offers many activities for 4th of July weekend! There will be an English high tea at the Nagle-Warren Mansion on the 4th. You can also enjoy the annual fireworks display at Frontier Park starting at 7pm. The 7th annual All American Car Show will be held at the Outlets at Loveland until 2pm on the 5th. The YMCA will be hosting a Family Fun night on July 5th. Pick an event and have fun!

4. Be Safe: There will be a lot of people out and about this weekend so drive carefully and watch out for pedestrians. If you are lighting your own fireworks make sure to follow the label directions, keep water nearby, and dispose of them properly.

5. Enjoy: This one is most important! Remember that you have the day off, so take time to relax and have a fun day.

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