Cheyenne Frontier Days is in full swing and as every year it brings with it the styles of the west! So what do you need in your wedding to have a true Western affair? We asked around for the top necessities to create your own Wyoming Chic wedding day!

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| Burlap |

This Western wedding essential is so popular right now in a variety of wedding genres, but when it comes down to it burlap is all western. Burlap is so easy to incorporate into many aspects of your wedding day; from the bouquet and linen to the attire and decor there is no limit to where this fabulous fabric can be used.

Some of our favorites?

Burlap Collage

| Boots |

Cowgirl boots aren’t for everyone but for some neither are high heels. More and more western women (even just in heart) are opting for the boots over the heels for their big day, and why not? They’re comfortable, (ok, to someone who wears them on a regular basis anyway) they’re western, and they make for some awesomely adorable pictures! If wearing your boots down the aisle isn’t your thing there are many more ways to incorporate them in your decor! Don’t believe me? Just search Pinterest for cowgirl boots and let the inspiration flow!

Some of our favorites?

Boots Collage

| Horseshoes |

This one is pretty standard; it’s just not a western or Wyoming wedding without at least one horseshoe somewhere. Besides being a vessel of good luck for years to come, they also make some fabulous jewelry, centerpieces, and even accent pieces for your decor. They match with all your colors and fit the theme to a t. Even if you’re not much of a horse person this item is a must to some capacity.

Some of our favorites?

Horseshoes Collage

| Wildflowers |

There is nothing to say Wyoming Chic quite like the flowers native to the countryside. From Black-Eyed Susans, Lavender, and Purple Coneflowers to the various types you find in your own back yard there are so many ways to incorporate them into your big day.

Some of our favorites?

Wildflowers Collage

| Spirit of the West |

The most important piece of having a Wyoming Chic wedding is your attitude. This style isn’t for everyone and that’s okay. It’s all about loving who you are and where you come from and letting that shine through! So whether you dream of diamonds and glitz or burlap and lace, remember to be yourself and let your wedding be a reflection of you and your other half.


For more Wyoming Western Chic wedding inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards!

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