I love tent weddings. There is no better way to create the precise look you want than by starting with the clean palette of a tent. Tents do pose some obstacles that, if you don’t know to plan for them, can be a challenge. Here are the top five things to watch out for when renting a tent for your wedding or event.


Do you have enough space for the tent?

Pole and Frame tents have stakes that hold them down at least three feet from the edge of the tent. When you are planning for the size you can use be sure to account for this and any other size restraints you have. Ask the rental company to conduct a site inspection for your tent to ensure you have the appropriate space for the tent. They will also be able to give you their expert advise as to how your tent should be set in relation to your space. Most rental companies, like Dan D Party Corner, offer a tent site inspection free of charge and can even create a schematic to show you how much space will be needed.


Do you have the correct terrain for a tent?

Is your yard or field full or rocks or hills? Are there any low lying power lines or trees that could potentially be a problem? If the answer is yes you might find using a tent could be difficult. During your tent inspection, a tent expert like those at Dan D Party Corner will note these things and advise the best solution for any problems if they exist.


Can your budget hold a tent?

Tent rentals are not an inexpensive prospect. You will need to rent the structure, flooring, heaters, air conditioners, lighting, and generators for extra power. You will also probably need to rent tables, chairs, linen, and any other large decor pieces. Be sure you have a realistic idea of what the tent and all it’s accessories may cost you.


Do you have sufficient time for setup and take down?

If you are hosting your wedding or party at private property such as your house then setup and breakdown may not be much of a problem. However, if you are renting property, such as in a park, you will need to find out how long setup and takedown will take to ensure you rent an appropriate amount of time at your venue. At Dan D, we prefer to set up tents 24 hours prior to use when possible and tear down the following day, but it is possible depending on the size and type of tent to setup and tear down closer to your event times. Check with your tent expert to discuss what works best for your event.


Do you have the budget to decorate your tent?

Tents are a fabulous blank canvas ready for all your amazing decor ideas, however they can be challenging for the same reason. You have to fill them with decor and that can turn out to be a costly endeavor if you don’t have a plan. The most budget effective way to transform a tent is with plenty of lighting. Tent liners and fabric walls are another option that can dress up a tent with little effort. Browse through the Dan D tent gallery for ideas on how to jazz up your blank slate.


If you have the budget and are ready for the challenge of creating a wedding venue that reflects your personality and vision exactly as your picture it, try a tent wedding or event. There is no greater experience and feeling than transforming a tent into an extraordinary venue.

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