This weeks guest blog is by Jessica Romero of Sweets: Special Occasion Cakes & Pastries from Laramie, Wyoming. “Sweets Cakes & Pastry is a Laramie-based special occasion and take-away bakery offering handmade, custom creations.” Check out their beautiful creations here!

Wedding cakes and desserts are always a fun way to add personality and sparkle into a couple’s big day. We are seeing a shift in cake trends that makes this even more fun to do. From personalized toppers to quirky dessert tables, couples are ditching tradition and telling their story with their favorite treats. Check out five of our favorite wedding dessert trends that we are seeing in 2014!


Shimmering shades gold are becoming a staple in the wedding world this year and wedding cakes are getting the glitzy treatment too! From gold-dusted accents to gold-leafed tears, gold is definitely coming back in a big way. For those that aren’t big fans of gold, we are seeing silver and bronze popping up across cake tables too!


Photo by Ely Brothers Photography


Cakes are going back to basics. Basics in the cake world are all about the buttercream. Not only is the rich, silky frosting a dream to eat, it looks romantic and soft on towering cakes. We are seeing buttercream textures, pleats, ruffles and more. Forget the fondant — buttercream is king. (And your budget will thank you.)


Photo by Liz Osban Photography


Covering cakes in beautiful floral elements is by no means a new trend, however couples are becoming more bold in their choices. We are seeing bright colors, dramatic, draped greenery, fresh herbs, and unique pairings in bouquets and tablescapes. Of course this means we are seeing fun and unique florals on cakes too!

Pretty Petals

Photo by Kate Jenni Photography


As weddings become less and less traditional, we see couples topping their cakes with toppers that tell a story. While a classic monogram or porcelain bride and groom set is just fine, we are now seeing handmade toppers that tell a story themselves! Personalized figurines, favorite quotes, bunting, banners, animals, toys, and so much more. We love seeing what couples have for us to put on top of their cakes almost as much as we love hearing the story behind it!

Top With Personality

Photo by Gabe Cook Photography


More than anything, we are seeing couples say, “You know what…we don’t even like cake!” Couples are abandoning the traditional, towering pieces for rustic pies, milk and cookie bars, s’mores stations, and dessert buffets. Those that still want a touch of cake are shrinking it down and serving their guests cupcakes or creating cake buffets with varieties of flavors. Who says you have to have cake? We love all treats just the same!

Forget The Cake
Forget The Cake

Photo by Honey Bee Photography


Have a sweet tooth for more? Check out Sweets blog here! Thank you to Jessica Romero for her fabulous insights!

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