Just like the decorations, the photos, and the attire, catering trends are constantly in motion.

Food can make or break an event by setting the mood or creating a theme and hosts and hostesses are increasingly getting creative with their food options. So let’s move past the traditional salad-and-meat combos and we will take a look at some of the more unique trends in catering!

Food Stations
Why settle for one style or type of food when you can have many? with different stations around your venue, guests are given the option of options and you are able to customize your event to each guest.

Food Stations

Build-Your-Own Bars
Another form of the food station, why not let your guests pick the specifics of what they are eating? Some popular trends include a taco bar, baked potato buffet, build your own bruschetta table, and an ice-cream station. These stations are great for picky eaters or people with diet restrictions, who may have had less options at a regular plated dining reception. The options for these are infinite so go crazy and have fun with these do-it-yourself stations.

DIY Food Bars

Finger Foods
These miniature sized versions of regular sized foods are so cute as well as easy to hold while mingling. Your guests won’t be confined to a table when eating so they will be free to roam around the reception hall with their plate full of tiny, easy-to-eat food. It also makes it easy on the servers, who can maneuver around the reception hall and offer the food to your guests. The great thing about this option is that you can offer a large variety of mini food for lower cost than large entrees.

Finger Foods

Play With Colors
Color coordinating your bridesmaids with the florals is a no-brainier, but have you thought about the food? It started with a candy bar in designated colors but has grown to be so much more. This is the perfect way to tie in your color theme and looks classy.

Color Coordinated Buffets

Signature Beverages
Not only is this a great way to add your personal style as a couple to the big day, but it is also very cost effective. Instead of a large bar with a variety of costly alcohol, many couples are offering two signature cocktails based on their favorites as well as basic drinks. With only two cocktails to choose from it keeps the line moving at the bar and shaves quite a bit off the tab as well.

Signature Beverages

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