Is your catalog complete?
As it turns out, we are adding new items to our inventory everyday! If you have a specific request contact us by phone. 307-638-0442

Do you require a deposit?
Yes, we require a 35% refundable security damage deposit to reserve all equipment. In the event of a cancellation a portion of your deposit may be kept depending on the nearness of your event. Please call for more information.

Where are you?
Our physical address is 717 Storey Blvd., Cheyenne, Wyoming. We are on the south side of Storey Blvd between Yellowstone Rd. and Powderhouse Rd.

When should I call & reserve what I want?
We encourage you to reserve your special event equipment well in advance, especially during the busy summer months. The minimum recommended time is one month in advance.

When should my order be paid in full?
Depending on the individual reservation, terms are 30 days before the event or minimum of a week before the event.

Can I change my order?
Yes. Changes can be made to your order up to 30 days before the event without incurring any cancellation or change fees.

How long do I have my rental equipment?
In ‘most’ cases you can pick up the day before the event, use it the day of the event and drop it off the day after the event and you will only be charged a one day rental fee.

Do you make balloon arrangements?
Yes. We create balloon bouquets and balloon sculptures in an assortment of colors and shapes. Please come in for your personal consultation.

Do you deliver and what is your delivery area.
Yes we deliver all through the tri-state area.

Some photos courtesy Event Decor Direct.