When it comes to your graduation party, the decorations really set the mood. The food is great, the pictures are great, but really it’s the decor that puts your guests in the zone for a party. This is why it is so important to have the right amount of decor in the appropriate places. The most important spots for decor at your graduation party include the entrance, the main and secondary focal point, the guest tables, and a photo op area.


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The entrance sets the stage for your party. As guests arrive they should be ushered in by some fun decor telling them they have come to the right place. For smaller home-based graduation parties this can be anything from balloons and a large sign at the entrance to a tall balloon creation greeting your guests. For larger scaled events, something to really wow your guests could include a balloon arch or personalized columns to entice excitement.


The first thing guests should see after they arrive is your main focal point. This point may change for each party but should always stand out clearly. For some parties this point would be the memory table including pictures of the graduate from their younger years to now and fun memorabilia from their life thus far. At other parties the dessert or cake table is set as the focal point also featuring the grad in some special way. It is important to decide what should be your main focal point and what would be your secondary focal point. Your main focal point should be front and center with your guest’s eyes drawn immediately it’s way. Your secondary focal point should be clearly marked with decor as an important part of the party, however this area does not need to be as extravagant. Ideas for focal point decor include fun backdrops, balloon columns or large creations, and other fun pieces such as personalized banners or tissue fans.


A party wouldn’t be a party without your guests, so it is important to make them feel appreciated. The best way to do this is to show them you thought about them while planning your party through the guest tables. You’ll want to decorate your guest tables with their comfort in mind. Make sure the centerpieces for these tables aren’t too big and in the way, stifling party conversation. If you have favors for your guests to take home they should be placed on these tables as an extra thank you for celebrating with you. These favors can be incorporated into the centerpiece so they don’t overwhelm the table with clutter. Below are some pictures of some fun and guest friendly centerpieces.


Photos by Karen Turnbo Photography

One of the biggest trends in parties right now is a photo op. A photo op can be any spot in the venue that is specifically decorated for photos to be taken there often with fun props. Photos can be taken by professionals, by other guests, or even as selfies. Your photo op should be fun and inviting; a place where guests will want to have their picture taken to remember your party. Some fun ways to decorate your photo op include balloon and crepe backdrops or a fun balloon photo frame. Don’t forget the fun props like stylish mustaches and puckered lip cut outs! A photo op is also a great way to collect pictures for the grad and their friends to remember their party for years to come.

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