Graduation is approaching for high schools, colleges, and even pre-school; what better reason to throw a party to celebrate all their hard work, achievements, and their bright futures? Here are some tips from the party planning experts at Dan D gathered over their 35 years of experience.

blog21. Location, Location, Location! Location is the key to any party and even more so to show off your favorite graduate! Make sure the location is somewhere they will love and your guests will fit in. Either in your backyard, a local park, an event center, or any unique venue, your venue should be a reflection of the guest of honors likes, ambitions, or even history. The best venues are those that allow your guests to interact and participate in a variety of different activities as well as focus on the star of the party.
blog2Don’t forget about using props to transform a venue into something unique and personalized. Our tents are a great way to take that little corner of the park and transform it into your very own venue. Be it a theme based on their favorite place or a future goal, there are many ways we can help you make your venue something even more special to your graduate and their guests.

2. Send out invitations several weeks in advance. Graduation parties usually fall upon one of the busiest times of summer and you will want your guests to mark their calendars far in advance to assure a great turn out. Another thought, graduation parties do not always have to be the very weekend of the graduation. For families with multiple parties to plan or go to it may not be a bad idea to look at a later date in summer so everyone is able to attend. Invitations are usually offered in a generic form through the graduate’s school, but for the graduate who wants something unique we offer many different customizable styles to choose from with both announcements and invites available.

3. Remember who’s the star. Graduation is all about reflecting on the past and looking forward to the future, so be sure your party decor reflects this. Photo collages, a collection of albums, or a wall display from the graduates past are always a popular way to reflect on prior achievements. One of our newest items, our Photo Banners, are a great way to display your graduate while decorating at the same time. Other ideas for reflection include a time capsule for the graduate to open years down the road, a sign in board for family and friends to include a favorite memory with the grad, or an address book for your guests to fill out so the graduate can keep in touch through the years.

4. Plan a menu. First, you need to determine how much you have to spend and how many guests you are expecting. For an idea of how much food to plan for per person see the How Much Should I Serve chart below. Next, plan a menu that suits your graduate and guests. The most popular way to serve food at a graduation party is as a self-serve buffet. The most popular dishes include appetizer sized entrées such as sliders and pizza rolls along with snack trays and bite sized dessert items. Candy and dessert buffets are gaining more and more popularity and are perfect for this style of party.

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