This weeks guest blog is by Christine Forster of My Big Day from Loveland, Colorado. “My BIG Day LLC was formed in 2006 after Christine received constant requests to plan parties for her friends’ life events. No matter what the event, Christine has planned it and does it with flair!” See more of her expert advice here!

No event – no matter how well-planned and well-run – is immune to the occasional crisis or disaster.


My Big Day believes a good event planner will be able to think on his or her feet for the small stuff, and have a solid crisis plan in place for dealing with the biggies. You can’t possibly expect to plan for every type of crisis, but a little advance planning will go a long way to ensure that you can handle whatever comes your way!

| Maintenance Emergencies |


If your function takes place in a hotel or convention facility you should discuss emergency plans with the Director of Sales and Maintenance Engineer. They should provide you with a contact at the site that will take care of any emergency or maintenance issues. If your event is being held in a private hall, find out who in their organization is responsible for facility management and ask for someone to be available during your event. In your contact list, keep numbers of 24-hour locksmiths, plumbers and electricians.

Technical emergencies fall into this category as well. Having a tech on hand is crucial if your event involved music, lighting, presentations and the like!

| Medical Emergencies |


When planning a large outdoor festival or sporting event, it only makes sense to have first aid personnel on hand. Festival-goers may suffer from heat stroke (or hypothermia in the winter), minor or major cuts, sunburn or food poisoning. For large events, it’s a good idea to include in your rental items a tent that can be used to shelter people from the sun or cold while receiving treatment for minor injuries. Discuss options and get advice from your local ambulance volunteer force or contracted service providers. Be sure to include the local hospital, emergency line and non-emergency police number in your list of contacts.

| Weather Emergencies |


The weather is always unpredictable, or at least you should embrace this philosophy when planning an event. Don’t ever count on perfect weather. Have a backup plan. If your event is outdoors, ask your venue if there is an indoor option, should the weather not cooperate. Also consider tent rentals, or even another site that doesn’t have an event booked that day. (You know, because you did your research)

Never underestimate the importance of extra umbrellas, raincoats and blankets.

If you are well prepared, chances are you won’t need the Plan B. But that one time when everything goes wrong, you’ll be glad you were prepared!


See this post and more here! Thank you to Christine for some stellar advice and fabulous pictures!

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