Happy Earth Day! At Dan D we like to share how we use our products and business to do our part for the Earth. Besides being green by helping you avoid clutter you wont need after your party and more items than necessary in the landfills, we take pride in our balloon business as being both safe and friendly for our environment.
blog2How is this you ask? As a member of the Qualatex Balloon Network, we use only the very best latex balloons from Qualatex. What makes Qualatex so special? Qualatex balloons are made from 100% natural latex harvested from rubber trees in the rain forest. Latex is harvested from these trees in a very similar way to how we harvest maple syrup from a Maple tree where you cut some of the bark and collect the latex in a container. The process does not hurt the tree and actually discourages deforestation as the rubber trees must remain intact to produce the latex. Not only are we not hurting trees by using their latex, but we are protecting them as well.
As all the latex balloons are 100% pure natural latex, they are also 100% biodegradable and safe for the environment. A Qualatex latex balloon will biodegrade as quickly as an oak leaf in your backyard. And because they are a 100% natural and organic product they do not harm the soil they degrade on, but instead add nutrients to it. They are also non-toxic and are digestible to any animal that may mistake it for a tasty treat.
blog2Though not all balloons are latex balloons, for the ones that aren’t we strive to follow some standard rules for usage with mylar or foil balloons. We separately tie all mylar or foil balloons to their weights for indoor use to avoid them being let free. We never use metallic ribbon or string on any of our balloons. We also never allow our mylar or foil balloons to be use in a release or outside without proper steps taken to secure the balloons tightly to their weight so they will not be let free. These steps are all taken to keep mylar or foil balloons out of power lines and away from wild life and prevent any damage that may occur.
One more note on mylar or foil balloons, they are 100% reusable! That’s right, mylar or foil balloons my be blown up again and again so never throw away your birthday balloons, instead use them again for some one else or keep them for yourself!
Together we can all strive to make a difference and keep our planet healthy for years to come!

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