Bridal show season is over, at least for us this spring, and bridal parties are starting to roll in. We’ve worked hard the last few weeks putting our showroom back together after all the shows we traveled to, so we would love to share some of our designs with you! Enjoy!

Black, & White Organza & Damask Collage
A much smaller version of an escort table; this could be done using a 48″ round instead to have enough room for all your name cards. These cute little frames were something we picked up at Oriental Trading.

Turquoise, White, & Black Damask Collage
An eloquent coffee bar ready to be served. This was inspired by one of my brides this year. I love the look of wrapping the edge of a table with a table runner, especially one with nice prints.

Coral & Grey Collage
I looooove grey! And I looooooooove coral! Put them together and you can’t possibly go wrong. This centerpiece was actually a combination of a couple ideas that I was unsure about, but so many people have loved it so I left it. 🙂

Aubergine, White, & Gold Collage
I love head tables; they are so fun to decorate. This design gives you the best of both worlds between a sweetheart table and a head table. Aubergine, being a shade of the color of the year you know, just stands out so vibrantly with the white and gleams with the gold. I love it! Also the scrunch design for the round in the center is gorgeous. Finish it off with some rose petals and votives and you have yourself one beautiful head table!

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Some photos courtesy Event Decor Direct.