The Super Bowl is quickly approaching……it’s this Sunday for those who may be a little out of the loop. And in Cheyenne we a super excited! Though Wyoming does not have an NFL team of our own, we take pride in adopting our neighbors team spirit as our own! (Go Broncos!) We may not all be huge pro-football fans the rest of the year, but when Denver makes the play-offs Cheyenne bleeds orange and blue.
A little behind on the news yet still want to have an awesome Super Bowl party (at least to watch the commercials)? No problem – here are some last minute tips to help you throw a last minute Super Bowl party without a hitch!

Super Bowl Party Tips

Tip #1. Decorations
Ok, don’t panic. Every store in town has an department full of orange and blue attire and party favors, right? Well if you waited this long chances are that department is fairly bare. But don’t fret! Do you know what is usually in abundance, makes a huge impact, and can even put less stress on your wallet? Balloons!
Now, I know what you are thinking – balloons? Isn’t that for kid’s parties and clowns? Balloons are no longer just for kids! Balloons can easily fill spaces and make a huge impact even if you only use a few. One bouquet for the entrance, two for either side of the TV, and one for the food table is all you need to create a perfectly decorated look. The best part – balloons are also a cost effective way to decorate.

broncos balloon banner

Call Lizz at Dan D Party Corner for more details on balloons and how we can perfect your Super Bowl party without you breaking a sweat!

Tip #2. Don’t Forget The Main Event!
With all the hustle and bustle of planning you last minute Super Bowl party, don’t forget to check and double check your TV! The worst possible scenario would be everyone arriving at your place, food and beverages in hand, to find out you can’t watch the game! Avoid this terrible thing from happening by checking your TV, all the settings, and your cable/satellite provider.
This may seem like a -Duh- moment, however to save yourself the embarrassment and shame of never being allowed to host another Super Bowl party, it is worth it. Or, if you don’t want to host the party next year skip this step – just make sure to have a back up plan! 😉

Tip #3. Mix It Up A Little, Brew-ski Style!
Are you stuck in a beer rut? You know, the kind where you go to the store only to buy three cases of PBR and maybe grabbing that cheap bottle of Vodka by the counter to add some variety in the beverage choices? Don’t be this person! Unless, that is, you know for a fact everyone who is attending the party enjoys cheap red-neck beer then by all means carry on.
Let’s get you out of this rut and turn you into the fun guy, or girl! Try some craft beers from the teams hometowns! Both the Broncos and the Seahawks come from craft beer capitols. The Broncos (Who I may be slightly partial to their beers because, well, we drink them a lot here) hail from such breweries as New Belgium, Odell, Left Hand Brewing Co. and Boulder Beer. But if you are not in the mood for something too different, you can always go with Coors which is proudly made in Colorado. The Seahawks boast beers from Redhook, Pyramid Breweries, and Emerald City. (Sorry Washington-ites for not knowing more about your beer) Not in the mood for just beer? Try Starbucks K-cups for some coffee.

Beer & Coffee - Yum!

Tip #4. Food! Food! Food!
What is the one most important thing for a Super Bowl party? If you said the TV, well we already talked about that – go back to tip #2, do not pass go, do not collect $200.00. Food is only second to who wins, which is not necessarily always true depending on your guests in which case food is #1! This late in the game it is important to keep it simple! But hold on before you start dialing for pizza and wings; you don’t want to break the bank either!
The cheapest way to feed the frenzy is to make things yourself, but find recipes that allow you to do this in the least amount of time using the least amount of energy possible – you’re going to need that energy for the half-time show! Try any of these super easy, basically fool-proof recipes below for the best bang for your buck!
Not in the mood to lift a finger? Look for Super Bowl deals and discounts from local restaurants. A lot of places offer free food or other perks for doing different things.

Easy Crock-Pot Wings

Super Quick Sliders

Easy Football Pizza

Super Easy Foods For The Super Bowl

Tip #5. Entertainment – For the Non-Football Fans
So you have the food, the decorations, the TV, and the beverages. You’re all ready for the big game! That is, if you and all of your guests only want to watch the game. If not everyone invited falls under the category of people who do not get bored of watching the actual game then consider some fun alternatives!
Though yard games are out of this question here, you can plan some smaller versions for indoor fun. Try corn-hole, golf toss, or other less crazy yard games in the hallway or even have some board games out for those in the back of the room. Don’t have a corn-hole or golf toss set readily available at this time of year? Don’t worry, try renting one! It’s cheaper than buying and you don’t have to find a storage spot for it after the game.

Non-Football Entertainment

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