Prom’s coming and for all the young ladies their dress is probably already picked out and waiting in their closets. For the young men, however, they probably haven’t even give their tuxedo a second thought. With Cheyenne’s high school’s prom dates closing in quickly, we have some tips for how to pick the perfect prom tuxedo.


Choose your tuxedo as early as possible for the greatest style selection. All over the USA tuxedos are being rented for prom between now and June, so to guarantee you will have the best pick of styles and colors be sure to visit early and pick out your favorite.

Not sure what color or style your dates dress will be? Not a problem; you can still reserve your tuxedo now and pick the colors later. As for matching the dress, we will get to that in a minute.

This doesn’t mean we can’t fit you into something last minute, it just means your selection won’t be as great within a week of the big date. At Dan D we have a full line of in-stock tuxedos as well as two day shipping for those last minute prom dates.


Ladies; talk to your date about your dress. This isn’t your wedding day, and while it is okay to withhold little bits of information for a surprise, you really should inform your date as to the color and even the style of your dress. Talk to him about how much you want to match and what you would like to see him in, but also remember this is his prom too. Let him make the final decisions about what he will wear.

Story Time! – Once upon a time there was a couple who were going to prom. She didn’t want her date to see or know anything about her dress before the big night so he was at a loss when looking for a matching tuxedo. On prom night she came down the stairs in a beautiful flowing gown in shades of purple and silver. He greeted her in a camouflage tuxedo the likes of Duck Dynasty would even be jealous of. Now, I know many girls who would have no problem, even be ecstatic at his choice, however this young lady was not.

Moral of the story, it is okay to talk to your date about your prom dress. If you really just don’t want him having a clue, come in with him and while he chooses the style of tuxedo you can choose the vest, tie, and pocket square.


Flying solo or not sure what your date will be wearing? No worries, you have plenty of stunning options that will match anything such as platinum or black. You can always add a pocket square for color later.

Don’t be embarrassed to ask questions. With over 60 years in the tuxedo business, the ladies at Dan D Party Corner know their stuff and will not let you leave looking anything less than your best. They are here for you to ask questions and will be more than happy to help you out!

For more inspiration and tips call, visit, or check out our prom site! Want to earn your prom tuxedo for free? Check out our Tuxedo Referral Program! You can also earn money for your favorite school organizations! Don’t miss out on some awesome perks to start your prom right!


Becky Auld is the tuxedo expert at Dan D Party Corner. With over 30 years in the tuxedo and formalwear industry she takes pride in giving you the best look for any occasion.
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