It is so exciting when you begin to plan your wedding. You’ve just been proposed to and maybe you and your groom-to-be have even chosen a date. You have so many fun things to look forward to such as trying on wedding dresses, tasting cake, and going scan-gun crazy in your local registry store. You’re so excited to get started planning the most important day of your life thus-far, then at one point you realize that planning your wedding requires far more time and work than you ever imagined as you pinned your dreams on Pinterest.

Everyone reaches that “OMG” point eventually, but here are some tips to start your planning process out right and avoid as much crazy as possible!

Recognize and accept the planning process! The best way to combat stress is to keep it from piling up in the first place. Knowing and accepting in advance the time commitment this requires, the decisions you will have to make, the errands you will have to run, and other extra demands that are above your everyday to-do list will help you know how to handle them when they arise. Make a plan to deal with these before you are in full wedding planning mode.

Manage your time! Are there regular activities, like a ladies night or softball league, that you could put on pause while you’re planning? That’s not to say you shouldn’t do things you normally would enjoy but you may find that by trimming these obligations from the calendar you won’t fall behind on day-to-day things that are essential. Think of planning as a part-time job and prioritize your schedule accordingly. What would stay and what would go in order to manage a reasonable schedule?

Take care of yourself! Balance is key. Your schedule should balance with your personal needs to ensure a full nights sleep and some regular exercise into your life. It doesn’t have to be hitting the gym like a bodybuilder; a simple walk around the block in the evenings could be all it takes to clear your head and unwind after a particularly exciting or stressful day. Eating well will also help fight the stress of planning. Be sure to take the time to eat right rather than eating out of convenience. This will be important in keeping your energy up for all the planning you have to do! Besides the basics, don’t deprive yourself of a little luxury here and there to take your mind off of things and refresh yourself with some pampering.

You can have all the best tips and tricks working for you, but they won’t do a thing to help if you’re “building a house on a sinking foundation” as the saying goes. Start off right and set yourself up for success.

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