The bride is and always will be the largest fashion focus of a wedding, but scooch over a little ladies, the boys are not far behind anymore. With so many new choices to play up your mans style, it’s no wonder tuxedos have changed. The traditional idea of the wedding party has changed; gone are the days of all black tuxedos with tails. Say hello to the new trends for tuxedos!

Slim-cut Tuxedos
Just like in men’s fashion, the lines and silhouettes have evolved over the past few years. Formal wear is trending toward more tight-fitting to accentuate the man’s natural body type and build.
Slim-cut tuxedos like the Manhattan by Tony Bowls for Jim’s Formal Wear feature a slim lapel and narrow body with a shorter jacket. This style is sharp and sophisticated, adding a slimming appearance to any man.

Slim-Cut Tuxedos

Manhattan By Tony Bowls - Jim's Formal Wear Genesis By Tony Bowls - Jim's Formal Wear

Three-Piece Tuxedos
No more matching his vest with your brightly colored bridesmaids. Tuxedos like the Gray Aspen by Stephen Geoffrey are now coming with a matching vest to complete the ensemble. This not only creates a classy look, but pulls the entire ensemble together. However don’t forget the tie and pocket square which can be as colorful as you would like!

Three Piece Tuxedos

Genesis By Tony Bowls - Jim's Formal Wear Savoy by Jean Yves - Jim's Formal Wear Steel Gray by Jean Yves - Jim's Formal Wear

Something Blue, or Tan, or Gray
Though crazy colored vests may be out, classy colored tuxedos and suits are in. New for 2014, the Slate Blue Aspen by Stephen Geoffrey adds a pop of sophisticated color without bringing flashbacks of Jim Carrey’s fashion faux paux.
Blue isn’t the only color coming in though, Jim’s Formal Wear has slim-cut and medium-cut tuxedos in Gray, Charcoal, Tan, and White. Best of all, these styles are all available in a three piece with a matching vest to finish the look.

Something Blue

Slate Blue Aspen By Stephen Geoffrey - Jim's Formal Wear Gray Aspen By Stephen Geoffrey - Jim's Formal Wear Havana By Lord West - Jim's Formal Wear

Something You
The fastest growing trend, and our personal favorite, is just to be you. While all the above styles are perfect to express the style of many grooms, they just don’t do it for everyone. Add a little something extra to your big-day outfit, be it personalized cufflinks, a secret shirt beneath, or even a splash of your favorite passtime.
The experts at Jim’s Formal Wear are skilled at making your tuxedo yours. With many ways to customize the look including a camouflage vest, tie, and jacket line, we make sure when you leave you will be comfortable in your day-of duds. When it comes down to it, just remember to make it yours!

Something You

Camo Tux - Jim's Formal Wear Mossy Oak New Brak-Up Camo Vest - Jim's Formal Wear

Want more tuxedo inspiration? Try Jim’s Formalwear Tuxedo Builder to create the perfect look for you! Also, don’t miss out on $40.00 off every tuxedo in your party! Click below for Dan D Party Corner’s exclusive coupon!


Becky Auld is the tuxedo expert at Dan D Party Corner. With over 30 years in the tuxedo and formalwear industry she takes pride in giving you the best look for any occasion.
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