What is one of the most important items to have at any party large or small? Chairs! You may not pay them much attention while planning, but chairs play a huge roll in your event, so why leave them drab and plain when you can use one of the most abundant items at your party to make your event spectacular? How would one take a simple chair and transform their entire party you ask? Simple, chair ties! A chair tie can change any chair of any color or style to make a huge statement.

Now when you think of chair ties, your mind automatically goes to chair bows. While bows are cute and perfectly fitting for a variety of events, there is so much more that chair tie is capable of. Tied in a corset fashion, the tie can add a sophisticated and dramatic feel, or looped in a simple knot and drape it can look casual and whimsical.

Check out 18 different styles for your chair ties that we cam up with below! Have one you like even more? Send it in and it may be featured here as well!

Chair Ties

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Some photos courtesy Event Decor Direct.