This weeks guest blog is by Rick and Stephanie of Ardent Photography from Laramie, Wyoming. “As a husband and wife team, we are photographers who see things from two completely different perspectives. We want the photos we take to be genuine, telling a story in a way that is artistic, creative and modern.” View all of their stunning shots here!

Wedding photography is such an important and personal thing. No one will argue that you need to invest in an experienced photographer to document your big day. But how do you know what to look for? The first and probably most important thing you want to consider is style. What kind of photos knock your socks off and really speak to you? There are as many photographers in this world as there are wedding photography styles but for now let’s take a deeper look at some of the basics.

| | Traditional | |

This style of photography is very consistent and controlled. The photographer will direct you and pose you for the majority of your photographs. This allows them to be able to provide you with classic and mainstream wedding imagery. PROS: Traditional wedding photography is very ‘what you see is what you get’. If you prefer traditional wedding photography now, odds are you will still enjoy your photos 10 years from now. CONS: If you are looking for moments or photos where you are not looking at the camera, traditional may not be the style for you.


| | Photo Journalistic | |

As the name suggests this style of photography aims to document your big day in a journalistic way. Wedding Photojournalists strive to really capture the complete story behind your big day without interrupting the natural flow or influencing the events that are occurring. PROS: The photos you will receive from this style of photographer will be real and filled with emotion. You will have a wedding album filled with how the day really went and more than likely your photos will not be like everyone else’s. CONS: There is definitely a time to sit back and be a ‘fly on the wall’ as well as a time to get in there and pose people for beautiful portraits. If your photographer is strictly photojournalistic you may end up feeling like you’re missing that one great portrait to blow up for your wall!

Photo Journalist

| | Artistic | |

Creative people want creative wedding photos. If this describes you then artistic wedding photography is right up your alley. An artistic wedding photographer will get creative when it comes to angles, focus, posing and even photographic techniques. Always pushing the envelope and looking for the next best thing, these artists will ensure that your photos will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen! PROS: You can be sure that you will have FUN on your wedding day! When you get your photos back they will be completely unique, captivating and one of a kind. CONS: In order to get artistic photos from your wedding you really do have to let your photographer be an ARTIST. You have to be able to give them creative control and your complete trust, which can be tough for some brides to do.


So there you go, the three most popular wedding photography styles. Now to decide which style fits your day. What KIND of photos have you always imagined filling that big beautiful wedding album that will adorn your coffee table for years to come? In our opinion the best choice would be photographers who are capable of working with all three of these styles. You deserve photographers that can document your day as it happened catching all the wonderful moments as they occur. That same photographers should be able to pose and direct you and your family to produce traditional, classic and well composed formal portraits that will help you to remember your big day. Who wants to see the same old boring photos over and over again? As a modern bride don’t you want something fresh, creative and artistic, showcasing YOUR wedding in all its beautiful splendor? Rings, details, your venue … all of these things are prime candidates for creative wedding photography.

Pay special attention to a photographer’s website and especially their portfolio. These are EXACTLY the kind of images you can expect to receive from them on your big day. If you love their work, their approach and enjoy their style chances are you’ve found a great fit and will LOVE your own photos. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, request to see a full wedding from start to finish and go with your heart. Wedding photography is all about feeling something. Everyone deserves to work with a photographer they love. Don’t stop until you find yours.


Have an eye for more style? Check out Ardent Photography’s blog here! Thank you to Rick and Stephanie for for their beautiful pictures and expert advice!

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